1. scoop shovel the shovel or bucket of a dredge or backhoe
  2. scrupulous characterized by extreme care and great effort
  3. scruples motivation deriving from ethical or moral principles
  4. scoopful the quantity a scoop will hold
  5. coal shovel a hand shovel for shoveling coal
  6. scoop shot a basketball shot made with an underhand scooping motion
  7. scrofulous afflicted with scrofula
  8. steam shovel a power shovel that is driven by steam
  9. scops owl any of several small owls having ear tufts and a whistling call
  10. Sioux Falls largest city in South Dakota
  11. scrub fowl large-footed short-winged birds of Australasia
  12. scrupulously with extreme conscientiousness
  13. Zygophyllaceae small trees, shrubs, and herbs of warm arid and saline regions; often resinous; some poisonous: genera Zygophyllum, Tribulus, Guaiacum, Larrea
  14. scrupulousness conformity to high standards of ethics or excellence
  15. skepful the quantity a skep can hold
  16. skip over bypass
  17. occupational relating to an activity or job for which you are trained
  18. descriptively by giving a description
  19. scope the state of the environment in which a situation exists
  20. Caprifoliaceae shrubs and small trees and woody vines