1. collectively in conjunction with; combined
  2. recollective good at remembering
  3. reflectively in a reflective manner
  4. speculatively with speculation; in a speculative manner
  5. uncollectible not capable of being collected
  6. subjectively in a subjective way
  7. collective done by or characteristic of individuals acting together
  8. radioactively in a radioactive manner
  9. retroactively after the fact
  10. collectivise bring under collective control
  11. collectivize bring under collective control
  12. protectively in a protective manner
  13. respectively in the order given
  14. retrospectively in a manner contemplative of past events
  15. collectedly in a self-collected or self-possessed manner
  16. collectible things considered to be worth collecting
  17. objectively in a manner not influenced by emotion
  18. selectively by selection; in a selective manner
  19. neglectfully in a neglectful manner
  20. qualitatively in a qualitative manner

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