1. rose bed a flower bed in which roses are growing
  2. rosebud the bud of a rose
  3. receipts the entire amount of income before any deductions are made
  4. rose beetle a common metallic green European beetle: larvae feed on plant roots and adults on leaves and flowers of e.g. roses
  5. rose-red of a deep slightly bluish red color
  6. Presbytes langurs
  7. prosperous in fortunate circumstances financially
  8. response the speech act of continuing a conversational exchange
  9. precipitous extremely steep
  10. prospectus a document that sets forth a plan for a business enterprise
  11. receptive able to absorb liquid (not repellent)
  12. proceeds the income or profit arising from a transaction
  13. roseate of something having a dusty purplish pink color
  14. rosette an ornament or pattern resembling a rose that is worn as a badge of office or as recognition of having won an honor
  15. rose moss widely cultivated in many varieties for its fleshy moss-like foliage and profusion of brightly colored flowers
  16. rosewood any of those hardwood trees of the genus Dalbergia that yield rosewood--valuable cabinet woods of a dark red or purplish color streaked and variegated with black
  17. roadbed a bed supporting a road
  18. rose bug common North American beetle: larvae feed on roots and adults on leaves and flowers of e.g. rose bushes or apple trees or grape vines
  19. rose bay an ornamental but poisonous flowering shrub having narrow evergreen leaves and clusters of fragrant white to pink or red flowers: native to East Indies but widely cultivated in warm regions
  20. rosebush any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses