1. rolling pin utensil consisting of a cylinder with a handle at each end
  2. polling place a place where voters go to cast their votes in an election
  3. rallying point a point or principle on which scattered or opposing groups can come together
  4. ruling class the class of people exerting power or authority
  5. growing pains emotional distress arising during adolescence
  6. rolling paper a strong tissue paper that burns evenly and is sufficiently porous to control the burning of the tobacco in a cigarette
  7. long plane a long carpenter's plane used to shape the edges of boards so they will fit together
  8. bling bling flashy, ostentatious jewelry
  9. recycling plant a plant for reprocessing used or abandoned materials
  10. bottling plant a plant where beverages are put into bottles with caps
  11. boiling point the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level
  12. selling point a characteristic of something that is up for sale that makes it attractive to potential customers
  13. long-playing (used of records) playing at a slower speed and for a longer time than earlier records
  14. rolling mill steel mill where metal is rolled into sheets and bars
  15. bowling pin a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling
  16. lichen planus an eruption of shiny flat-topped purplish (usually itchy) papules on the wrist and forearms and thighs
  17. flowering plant plants having seeds in a closed ovary
  18. selling price the price at which something is offered for sale
  19. locking pliers pliers that can be locked in place
  20. packing plant a plant where livestock are slaughtered and processed and packed as meat products