1. ritual killing the act of killing in order to propitiate a deity
  2. ridgling a colt with undescended testicles
  3. retailing the activities involved in selling commodities directly to consumers
  4. ritual dancing a dance that is part of a religious ritual
  5. teleselling the use of the telephone as an interactive medium for promotion and sales
  6. retelling a new version or adaptation of a story
  7. fledgling young bird that has just become capable of flying
  8. straggling spreading out in different directions
  9. British shilling a former monetary unit in Great Britain
  10. drive-by killing homicide committed by shooting from a moving automobile
  11. twinkling shining intermittently with a sparkling light
  12. rattling quick and energetic
  13. tickling the act of tickling
  14. darkling uncannily or threateningly dark or obscure
  15. metallic-looking resembling metal
  16. duckling young duck
  17. tinkling like the short high ringing sound of a small bell
  18. truckling the act of obeying meanly
  19. three-way calling a way of adding a third party to your conversation without the assistance of a telephone operator
  20. ritualistic of or characterized by or adhering to ritualism