1. roller-skater someone who engages in roller skating
  2. prosecutor an official conducting criminal cases on behalf of the state
  3. coruscate reflect brightly
  4. congress gaiter an ankle high shoe with elastic gussets in the sides
  5. figure skate an ice skate worn for figure skating
  6. genus Cadra a genus of Pyralidae
  7. nitrosobacteria soil bacteria that oxidize ammonia to nitrites
  8. procrastinator someone who postpones work
  9. motor scooter a wheeled vehicle with small wheels and a low-powered gasoline engine geared to the rear wheel
  10. roller skate a shoe with pairs of rollers fixed to the sole
  11. persecutor someone who torments
  12. glass cutter someone who cuts or grinds designs on glass
  13. water skater long-legged bug that skims about on the surface of water
  14. rigorous strict; allowing no deviation from a standard
  15. chiaroscuro the arrangement or interplay of light and dark in an artwork
  16. rigor mortis temporary stiffness of joints and muscles after death
  17. Tectaria cicutaria Jamaican fern having round buttonlike bulbils
  18. crosscut cut using a diagonal line
  19. gray skate common European skate used as food
  20. grey skate common European skate used as food