1. resonance the characteristic of having a loud deep sound
  2. dissonance disagreeable sounds
  3. assonance the repetition of similar vowels in successive words
  4. writer's name the name that appears on the by-line to identify the author of a work
  5. countenance the appearance conveyed by a person's face
  6. putrescence the quality of rotting and becoming putrid
  7. Rhaeto-Romance Romance dialects spoken in parts of southeastern Switzerland and northern Italy and the Tyrol
  8. iridescence the visual property of having lustrous, varying colors
  9. consonance a harmonious state of things and of their properties
  10. repugnance intense aversion
  11. provenance where something originated or was nurtured
  12. appurtenance equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles
  13. order Sphagnales coextensive with the genus Sphagnum
  14. governance the act of exercising authority
  15. arteria ascendens the branch of the ileocolic artery that supplies the ascending colon
  16. terseness a neatly short and concise expressive style
  17. maintenance activity involved in keeping something in good working order
  18. riddance the act of removing something
  19. magnetic resonance resonance of electrons or atoms or molecules or nuclei to radiation frequencies as a result of space quantization in a magnetic field
  20. distressingness the quality of being painful