1. fellow a boy or man
  2. yellow yellow color or pigment
  3. bellow make a loud noise, as of an animal
  4. mellow having a full and pleasing flavor through proper aging
  5. Bellow United States author (born in Canada) whose novels influenced American literature after World War II (1915-2005)
  6. brownish yellow a yellow color of low lightness with a brownish tinge
  7. brownish-yellow of a medium to dark brownish yellow color
  8. cadmium yellow pigment of cadmium sulfide and barium sulfate varying in hue from lemon yellow to orange
  9. canary yellow a moderate yellow with a greenish tinge
  10. canary-yellow having the color of a canary; of a light to moderate yellow
  11. cello a large stringed instrument
  12. chrome yellow any of several yellow pigments consisting of normal lead chromate and other lead compounds
  13. class fellow an acquaintance that you go to school with
  14. creamy-yellow yellow with a creamy tinge
  15. crimson-yellow yellow tinged with crimson
  16. Dacelo Australasian kingfishers
  17. deep-yellow of something having the color of a pumpkin
  18. genus Dacelo Australasian kingfishers