1. res publica a politically organized body of people under a single government
  2. republic a form of government whose head of state is not a monarch
  3. republican having the supreme power lying in citizens entitled to vote
  4. Republican a member of the younger of two major U.S. political parties
  5. replica copy that is not the original
  6. semipublic having some of the features of public institution
  7. republish publish again
  8. resublime sublime (a compound) once again
  9. public not private
  10. sublime of high moral or intellectual value
  11. nonpublic not invested with or related to prominent position or status etc.
  12. in public in a manner accessible to or observable by the public
  13. postbiblical subsequent to biblical times
  14. breeze block a light concrete building block made with cinder aggregate
  15. Rwandese Republic a landlocked republic in central Africa
  16. Irish Republic a republic consisting of 26 of 32 counties comprising the island of Ireland; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1921
  17. republication the act of publishing again
  18. presbyopic able to see distant objects clearly
  19. disoblige to cause inconvenience or discomfort to
  20. Kyrgyz Republic a landlocked republic in west central Asia bordering on northwestern China; formerly an Asian soviet but became independent in 1991