1. realistically in a realistic manner
  2. plastically in a plastic manner
  3. replaceable capable of being replaced
  4. rhapsodically in an ecstatic manner
  5. telescopically in a telescopic manner
  6. polysyllabically in a polysyllabic manner
  7. neoplastic cell a cell that is part of tumor
  8. diplomatically with diplomacy; in a diplomatic manner
  9. replaceability exchangeability by virtue of being replaceable
  10. probabilistically by the use of probability theory
  11. prototypical relating to the original or model something is based on
  12. blastoporal of or relating to a blastopore
  13. scholastically with respect to scholastic activities
  14. problematically in such a way as to pose a problem
  15. politically with regard to government
  16. stylistically in a rhetorically stylistic manner
  17. irreplaceable impossible to substitute for
  18. parasitically in a parasitic manner
  19. episodically in an episodic manner
  20. practically in a manner concerned with actual use