1. pyrotechnics the craft of making fireworks
  2. stage technician an employee of a theater who performs work involved in putting on a theatrical production
  3. reproduction the act of making copies
  4. soapwort gentian erect perennial of wet woodlands of North America having leaves and flower buds resembling those of soapwort
  5. spurred gentian any of various plants of the genus Halenia having flowers with spurred lobes
  6. reprehension an act or expression of criticism and censure
  7. air reconnaissance reconnaissance either by visual observation from the air or through the use of airborne sensors
  8. Robert Bunsen German chemist who with Kirchhoff pioneered spectrum analysis but is remembered mainly for his invention of the Bunsen burner (1811-1899)
  9. pyrotechnical of or relating to the craft of making fireworks
  10. Parkinson's a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system characterized by tremor and impaired muscular coordination
  11. pair production the transformation of a gamma-ray photon into an electron and a positron when the photon passes close to an atomic nucleus
  12. pantechnicon a large moving van
  13. dental technician someone who makes dental appliances (bridges and dentures)
  14. Robert Indiana United States pop artist (born 1928)
  15. technician someone who is trained in a specific process
  16. Rhus radicans climbing plant common in eastern and central United States with ternate leaves and greenish flowers followed by white berries; yields an irritating oil that causes a rash on contact
  17. protection the activity of shielding someone or something
  18. apyretic tetanus clinical neurological syndrome characterized by muscular twitching and cramps and (when severe) seizures; associated with calcium deficiency (hypoparathyroidism) or vitamin D deficiency or alkalosis
  19. reproduction cost cost of reproducing physical property minus various allowances (especially depreciation)
  20. radioprotection protection against harmful effects of radiation

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