1. culture all the knowledge and values shared by a society
  2. prelature the office or station of a prelate
  3. reliever someone who takes the place of another
  4. relative not absolute or complete
  5. rapture a state of being carried away by overwhelming emotion
  6. reality the state of being actual
  7. Elettaria cardamom
  8. relatum a term in a proposition that is related to the referent of the proposition
  9. rupture the act of making a sudden noisy break
  10. Reiter German bacteriologist who described a disease now known as Reiter's syndrome and who identified the spirochete that causes syphilis in humans (1881-1969)
  11. relate give an account of
  12. related connected logically or causally or by shared characteristics
  13. cloture a rule for limiting or ending debate in a deliberative body
  14. vulture a large diurnal bird of prey feeding chiefly on carrion
  15. Alectura brush turkeys
  16. filature a bobbin used in spinning silk into thread
  17. Electra the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra
  18. relentless never-ceasing
  19. litre a metric unit of capacity, formerly defined as the volume of one kilogram of pure water under standard conditions; now equal to 1,000 cubic centimeters (or approximately 1.75 pints)
  20. leisure time available for ease and relaxation