1. ratify approve and express assent, responsibility, or obligation
  2. rectify make right or correct
  3. red haw American red-fruited hawthorn with dense corymbs of pink-red flowers
  4. prettify make more beautiful
  5. rigidify become rigid
  6. reunify unify again, as of a country
  7. certify provide evidence for
  8. ratifier someone who expresses strong approval
  9. edify make understand
  10. reedy upright and slender
  11. reefy full of submerged reefs or sandbanks or shoals
  12. reify consider an abstract concept to be real
  13. radio wave an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between 0.5 cm to 30,000 m
  14. redefine give a new or different meaning to
  15. ratafee sweet liqueur made from wine and brandy flavored with plum or peach or apricot kernels and bitter almonds
  16. beatify make blessedly happy
  17. terrify frighten greatly
  18. codify organize into a system, such as a body of law
  19. modify cause to change; make different
  20. ramify have or develop complicating consequences

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