1. redbird flower low tropical American shrub having powerful emetic properties
  2. canarybird flower a climber having flowers that are the color of canaries
  3. red-berried elder common North American shrub or small tree
  4. treasure flower decumbent South African perennial with short densely leafy stems and orange flower rays with black eyespots at base
  5. paradise flower tropical shrub or small tree having showy yellow to orange-red flowers; sometimes placed in genus Poinciana
  6. leather flower scandent subshrub of southeastern United States having large red-purple bell-shaped flowers with leathery recurved sepals
  7. red bird's eye biennial European catchfly having red or pink flowers
  8. spider flower native to South America but naturalized in warm parts of United States; grown for its long-lasting spider-shaped white to pink-purple flowers
  9. butter-flower any of various plants of the genus Ranunculus
  10. paper flower Brazilian vine that tends to flower continuously
  11. butterflower any of various plants of the genus Ranunculus
  12. blood flower tropical herb having orange-red flowers followed by pods suggesting a swallow with outspread wings; a weed throughout the tropics
  13. spiderflower any of various often strong-smelling plants of the genus Cleome having showy spider-shaped flowers
  14. strawflower any of various plants of the genus Helipterum
  15. bird feeder an outdoor device that supplies food for wild birds
  16. starflower common Old World herb having grasslike leaves and clusters of star-shaped white flowers with green stripes; naturalized in the eastern United States
  17. birdfeeder an outdoor device that supplies food for wild birds
  18. redbird crested thick-billed North American finch having bright red plumage in the male
  19. trumpet flower evergreen North American honeysuckle vine having coral-red or orange flowers
  20. root beer float an ice-cream soda made with ice cream floating in root beer