1. customer someone who pays for goods or services
  2. elastomer any of various elastic materials that resemble rubber
  3. telecaster a television broadcaster
  4. customary commonly used or practiced
  5. accustomed commonly used or practiced; usual
  6. unaccustomed not habituated to; unfamiliar with
  7. costumer someone who designs or supplies costumes
  8. blastomere any cell resulting from cleavage of a fertilized egg
  9. locust tree any of various hardwood trees of the family Leguminosae
  10. calico aster a variety of aster
  11. accustom familiarize psychologically or physically
  12. General Custer United States general who was killed along with all his command by the Sioux at the Battle of Little Bighorn (1839-1876)
  13. religious leader leader of a religious order
  14. costumier someone who designs or supplies costumes
  15. Lagostomus viscachas
  16. real time the actual time that it takes a process to occur
  17. real-time of or relating to computer systems that update information at the same rate they receive information
  18. custom accepted or habitual practice
  19. Bureau of Customs the agency of the Treasury Department that enforces import tariffs
  20. realist a person who accepts the world as it literally is