A raisin is a dehydrated or sun-dried grape. Raisins are sweet and chewy, and they're often found in oatmeal cookies and granola.

Raisins are one of the most common kind of dried fruit — they turn up everywhere from a preschooler's snack box to a fancy bakery's scones and cinnamon rolls. The most common way to make a raisin is to dry grapes in the sun, though it's quicker for producers to use dehydrating machines. The word raisin dates to the thirteenth century, from the Latin racemus, which means "cluster of grapes or berries."

Definitions of raisin
  1. noun
    dried grape
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    seedless raisin, sultana
    dried seedless grape
    seeded raisin
    seeded grape that has been dried
    small dried seedless raisin grown in the Mediterranean region and California; used in cooking
    type of:
    dried fruit
    fruit preserved by drying
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