1. question sheet a written examination
  2. questionnaire a form with a set of queries to gain statistical information
  3. questionable subject to doubtful speculation
  4. question a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply
  5. question time a period during a parliamentary session when members of British Parliament may ask questions of the ministers
  6. questioner someone who asks a question
  7. questioning a request for information
  8. questionably in a questionable and dubious manner
  9. astonished filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise
  10. question master the host or chairman of a radio or tv quiz show or panel game
  11. question of law a disputed legal contention that is generally left for a judge to decide
  12. question of fact a disputed factual contention that is generally left for a jury to decide
  13. question mark a punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question
  14. questioningly in a curious and questioning manner
  15. scratch sheet a racing publication giving information on horses and the outcomes of horse races
  16. disposition your usual mood
  17. bastioned secured with bastions or fortifications
  18. relationship a mutual connection between people
  19. unquestioned generally agreed upon; not subject to dispute
  20. musicianship artistry in performing music