1. marasmus extreme malnutrition and emaciation
  2. cumbersome difficult to handle or use because of size or weight
  3. Marasmius chiefly small mushrooms with white spores
  4. genus Marasmius chiefly small mushrooms with white spores
  5. cumbersomeness trouble in carrying or managing caused by bulk or shape
  6. Ameiurus Melas catfish common in eastern United States
  7. Chrysemys painted turtles
  8. catcher's mask a mask to protect the face of the catcher in baseball
  9. commercialise make commercial
  10. Erasmus Dutch humanist and theologian who was the leading Renaissance scholar of northern Europe; although his criticisms of the Roman Catholic Church led to the Reformation, he opposed violence and condemned Martin Luther (1466-1536)
  11. customer's man someone in charge of a client's account for an advertising agency or brokerage or other service business
  12. commercialize make into a profitable enterprise
  13. commercial message a commercially sponsored ad on radio or television
  14. cameraman a photographer who operates a movie camera
  15. Cornus mas deciduous European shrub or small tree having bright red fruit
  16. camaraderie the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability
  17. genus Mus type genus of the Muridae: common house mice
  18. Aegiceras majus an Australian tree resembling the black mangrove of the West Indies and Florida
  19. commercial connected with or engaged in the exchange of goods
  20. commercial law the body of rules applied to commercial transactions