1. curry powder pungent blend of cumin and ground coriander seed and turmeric and other spices
  2. car battery a lead-acid storage battery in a motor vehicle
  3. cocoa powder the powdery remains of chocolate liquor after cocoa butter is removed; used in baking and in low fat and low calorie recipes and as a flavoring for ice cream
  4. Goa powder a bitter yellow powder used to treat skin diseases
  5. queer bird someone regarded as eccentric or crazy and standing out from a group
  6. Chiroptera an old order dating to early Eocene: bats: suborder Megachiroptera (fruit bats); suborder Microchiroptera (insectivorous bats)
  7. Neuroptera an order of insects including: lacewings
  8. carob powder powder from the ground seeds and pods of the carob tree
  9. group theory the branch of mathematics dealing with groups
  10. carob tree evergreen Mediterranean tree with edible pods
  11. gunpowder a mixture of potassium nitrate, charcoal, and sulfur in a 75:15:10 ratio which is used in gunnery, time fuses, and fireworks
  12. trap door a hinged or sliding entrance in a floor or ceiling
  13. car port garage for one or two cars consisting of a flat roof supported on poles
  14. eoraptor a theropod dinosaur of the genus Eoraptor
  15. Czar Peter I czar of Russia who introduced ideas from western Europe to reform the government; he extended his territories in the Baltic and founded St. Petersburg (1682-1725)
  16. surrebutter (law) a pleading by the plaintiff in reply to the defendant's rebutter
  17. carabineer a soldier who is armed with a carbine
  18. freebooter someone who takes spoils or plunder (as in war)
  19. Coleoptera beetles
  20. carabiner an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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