1. pyrotechnics the craft of making fireworks
  2. protagonist the principal character in a work of fiction
  3. pyrotechnic of or relating to the craft of making fireworks
  4. pyrotechnical of or relating to the craft of making fireworks
  5. Perodicticus a genus of Lorisidae
  6. pyrotechny the craft of making fireworks
  7. polytechnic a technical school offering instruction in many industrial arts and applied sciences
  8. pantechnicon a large moving van
  9. aeromechanics the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of gases (especially air) and their effects on bodies in the flow
  10. proteomics the branch of genetics that studies the full set of proteins encoded by a genome
  11. pyrogenic produced by or producing fever
  12. hard knocks a state of misfortune or affliction
  13. brass knucks a small metal weapon
  14. cryogenics the branch of physics that studies the phenomena that occur at very low temperatures
  15. protecting shielding (or designed to shield) against harm or discomfort
  16. pyrogenous produced by or producing fever
  17. pyrolignic of a substance produced by the effect of heat on wood, especially by destructive distillation
  18. production cost combined costs of raw material and labor incurred in producing goods
  19. powder technique a process for identifying minerals or crystals
  20. Proteus anguinus European aquatic salamander with permanent external gills that lives in caves

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