1. trencherman a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess
  2. potassium permanganate a poisonous salt that forms dark purple crystals and is purple-red when dissolved in water; used as an oxidizing and bleaching agent and as a disinfectant and antiseptic
  3. prominent conspicuous in position or importance
  4. trimipramine tricyclic antidepressant drug (trade name Surmontil) used to treat depression and anxiety and (sometimes) insomnia
  5. Pterospermum genus of tropical Asian trees and shrubs
  6. beats per minute the pace of music measured by the number of beats occurring in 60 seconds
  7. northern barramundi a species of large fish found in Australian rivers
  8. paranormal not in accordance with or able to be explained by science
  9. ovarian pregnancy ectopic pregnancy in the ovary
  10. patron saint a saint who is considered to be a defender of some group or nation
  11. reprimand an act or expression of criticism and censure
  12. temperament your usual mood
  13. Katharine Hepburn United States film actress who appeared in many films with Spencer Tracy (1907-2003)
  14. Pteridospermaphyta used in some classification systems: a group of extinct fossil gymnosperms coextensive with the order Cycadofilicales
  15. hysteron proteron reversal of normal order of two words or sentences etc.
  16. Prosper Meniere French otologist who first described a form of vertigo now known as Meniere's disease and identified the semicircular canals as the site of the lesion (1799-1862)
  17. barnburner someone who burns down a barn
  18. Habenaria peramoena orchid of northeastern and alpine eastern North America closely related to the purple fringed orchids but having rosy-purple or violet flowers with denticulate leaf divisions
  19. Barnaba Chiaramonti Italian pope from 1800 to 1823 who was humiliated by Napoleon and taken prisoner in 1809; he concluded a concordat with Napoleon and crowned him emperor of France; he returned to Rome in 1814 (1740-1823)
  20. peppermint red gum tree of Tasmania