1. pruning hook a long-handled pruning saw with a curved blade at the end and sometimes a clipper; used to prune small trees
  2. pruning saw a handsaw used for pruning trees
  3. pruning shears shears with strong blades used for light pruning of woody plants
  4. pruning knife a knife with a curved or hooked blade
  5. running noose a loop formed in a cord or rope by means of a slipknot
  6. purging cassia deciduous or semi-evergreen tree having scented sepia to yellow flowers in drooping racemes and pods whose pulp is used medicinally; tropical Asia and Central and South America and Australia
  7. pruning the act of trimming a plant
  8. Prenanthes genus of North American and Asiatic perennial herbs having pinnatisect leaves small heads of drooping yellowish to purple flowers; sometimes includes species often placed in genus Nabalus
  9. burning bush (Old Testament) the bush that burned without being consumed and from which God spoke to Moses
  10. morning coat a man's full-dress jacket with two long tapering tails at the back
  11. earnings something that remunerates
  12. running game (American football) a play in which a player attempts to carry the ball through or past the opposing team
  13. burning a process in which a substance reacts with oxygen to give heat and light
  14. prune cake moist cake containing prunes that have been made into a puree
  15. brininess the relative proportion of salt in a solution
  16. reaping hook an edge tool for cutting grass or crops
  17. training school a school providing practical vocational and technical training
  18. bargaining chip leverage in the form of an inducement or a concession useful in successful negotiations
  19. packing case a large crate in which goods are packed for shipment or storage
  20. morning sickness nausea early in the day