1. property-owning owning land or securities as a principal source of revenue
  2. Robert Browning English poet and husband of Elizabeth Barrett Browning noted for his dramatic monologues (1812-1889)
  3. spring training preseason training during the spring
  4. retraining training for a new occupation
  5. basic training the initial period of training for new military personnel
  6. paper toweling absorbent paper used as toweling
  7. property line the boundary line between two pieces of property
  8. proprietary drug a drug that has a trade name and is protected by a patent
  9. military training training soldiers in military procedures
  10. portraying a representation by picture or portraiture
  11. plea bargaining (criminal law) a negotiation in which the defendant agrees to enter a plea of guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor agrees to drop a more serious charge
  12. proper fraction a fraction with a numerator smaller than the denominator
  13. toilet training training a young child to use the toilet
  14. property man member of the stage crew in charge of properties
  15. proper noun a noun that denotes a particular thing; usually capitalized
  16. properly speaking in actual fact
  17. power train wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by which force is transmitted or motion or torque is changed
  18. self-restraining used of nonindulgent persons
  19. property owner a holder or proprietor of land
  20. property right the legal right of ownership

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