1. propensity a natural inclination
  2. prognosis a prediction of the course of a disease
  3. propitious presenting favorable circumstances
  4. proboscis a long flexible snout as of an elephant
  5. probenecid a uricosuric drug that reduces the level of uric acid in the blood; used to treat gout
  6. proponent a person who argues for a cause or puts forward an idea
  7. properness correct or appropriate behavior
  8. Peloponnesus the southern peninsula of Greece
  9. propaganda information that is spread to promote some cause
  10. propanol a clear colorless volatile liquid (alcohol) used as a solvent and antiseptic
  11. propulsion the act of moving forward
  12. prehensor the anterior pair of legs of a centipede that are modified to seize prey and inject venom from the toxicognaths
  13. propenal a pungent colorless unsaturated liquid aldehyde made from propene
  14. propene a flammable gas obtained by cracking petroleum
  15. proposal the act of making a suggestion
  16. propose present for consideration, examination, or criticism
  17. propanolol the first beta blocker (trade name Inderal) used in treating hypertension and angina pectoris and essential tremor
  18. propenoate a salt or ester of propenoic acid
  19. propane colorless gas found in natural gas and petroleum
  20. proposer someone who advances a suggestion or proposal