1. private investigator someone who can be employed as a detective to collect information
  2. private instructor a person who gives private instruction
  3. principal investigator the scientist in charge of an experiment or research project
  4. prognosticator someone who makes predictions of the future
  5. investigator someone who inquires carefully
  6. investigatory designed to find information or ascertain facts
  7. private detective someone who can be employed as a detective to collect information
  8. Peruvian mastic tree small Peruvian evergreen with broad rounded head and slender pendant branches with attractive clusters of greenish flowers followed by clusters of rose-pink fruits
  9. police investigation the investigation of criminal activities
  10. prognosticate make a prediction about; tell in advance
  11. investigate conduct an inquiry of
  12. instigator someone who deliberately foments trouble
  13. corporate investor a company that invests in other companies
  14. private nuisance a nuisance that interferes with your interest in and private use and enjoyment of your land
  15. priest-doctor in societies practicing shamanism: one acting as a medium between the visible and spirit worlds; practices sorcery for healing or divination
  16. private treaty a sale of property at a price agreed on by the seller and buyer without an intervening agency
  17. prevaricator a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly
  18. prestidigitator someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience
  19. privateness the condition of being concealed or hidden
  20. investigative designed to find information or ascertain facts

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