1. prison guard someone who guards prisoners
  2. personification attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas
  3. persona grata a diplomat who is acceptable to the government to which he is sent
  4. prison farm a camp for trustworthy prisoners employed in government projects
  5. provost guard a detachment under the command of a provost marshall
  6. crossing guard someone who helps people at a traffic crossing
  7. prisoner a person who is confined
  8. prison camp a camp for prisoners of war
  9. prisonbreak an escape from jail
  10. prison term the period of time a prisoner is imprisoned
  11. Praetorian Guard a member of the Praetorian Guard
  12. price increase increase in price
  13. personality the complex of attributes that characterize an individual
  14. persnickety characterized by excessive attention to trivial details
  15. Prix Goncourt an award given annually for contributions to French literature
  16. brine-cured (used especially of meats) preserved in salt
  17. Persian cat a long-haired breed of cat
  18. frozen yogurt a soft frozen dessert of sweetened flavored yogurt
  19. precinct an administrative district of a city or town
  20. personal care care for someone who is disabled or is otherwise unable to care for themselves; can including bathing and cooking and managing bodily functions

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