1. print shop a workplace where printing is done
  2. friendship the state of being a helpful ally
  3. primateship the office of primate
  4. printing shop a workplace where printing is done
  5. brandish move or swing back and forth
  6. principle a basic generalization that is accepted as true
  7. apprenticeship the position of one working for an expert to learn a trade
  8. presidentship the office and function of president
  9. principal main or most important
  10. thriftshop a shop that sells secondhand goods at reduced prices
  11. pawnshop a shop where loans are made with personal property as security
  12. priorship the office of prior
  13. pet shop a shop where pet animals can be purchased
  14. round shape a shape that is curved and without sharp angles
  15. orientation the act of determining one's position
  16. printer someone whose occupation is printing
  17. printable fit for publication because free of material that is morally or legally objectionable
  18. merchant ship a cargo ship
  19. printing the business of producing printed material for sale or distribution
  20. printout the output of a computer in printed form