1. primary feather one of the main flight feathers projecting along the outer edge of a bird's wing
  2. prima facie as it seems at first sight
  3. primary care the medical care received on first contact with the medical system (before being referred elsewhere)
  4. prime mover an agent that is the cause of all things but does not itself have a cause
  5. primary colour any of three colors from which all others can be obtained by mixing
  6. primrose any of numerous short-stemmed plants of the genus Primula having tufted basal leaves and showy flowers clustered in umbels or heads
  7. primary color any of three colors from which all others can be obtained by mixing
  8. professor a member of the faculty at a college or university
  9. prime minister head of government, especially of a parliamentary democracy
  10. primary cell an electric cell that generates an electromotive force by an irreversible conversion of chemical to electrical energy; cannot be recharged
  11. army officer an officer in the armed forces
  12. prime number an integer that has no integral factors but itself and 1
  13. pervasive spreading or spread throughout
  14. pier mirror a large mirror between two windows
  15. primary amenorrhea delay of menarche beyond age 18
  16. primitive characteristic of an earlier ancestral type
  17. Bremerhaven a port city in northwestern Germany at the mouth of the Weser River on the North Sea; has a deep natural harbor and is an important shipping center
  18. Prime Minister the person who holds the position of head of the government in the United Kingdom
  19. brim over flow or run over (a limit or brim)
  20. promiser a person who makes a promise

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