1. press out obtain from a substance, as by mechanical action
  2. pressed compacted by ironing
  3. precede be earlier in time
  4. presto at a very fast tempo (faster than allegro)
  5. preset set in advance
  6. present temporal sense
  7. preside act as executive officer
  8. priest a clergyperson in a Christian church
  9. appreciate be fully aware of; realize fully
  10. presidio a fortress established in the southwestern United States by the Spanish in order to protect their missions and other holdings
  11. dress out kill and prepare for market or consumption
  12. prescient perceiving the significance of events before they occur
  13. Proust French novelist (1871-1922)
  14. precious of high worth or cost
  15. Brest a port city in northwestern France
  16. prosciutto Italian salt-cured ham usually sliced paper thin
  17. Prescott a town in central Arizona
  18. pressure the exertion of force to a surface
  19. pass out give to several people
  20. cross out remove from a list