1. power service a public utility that provides electricity
  2. pyrographic of or relating to or produced by pyrography
  3. barographic relating to or registered by a barograph
  4. computer graphics the pictorial representation and manipulation of data by a computer
  5. polarographic of or involving polarography
  6. orthographic of or relating to the written representation of a language
  7. geographics study of the earth's surface
  8. choreographic of or concerned with choreography
  9. xerographic of or relating to xerography
  10. presocratic before the time of Socrates
  11. Percy Grainger United States composer (born in Australia) who lived in London and collected English folk songs (1882-1961)
  12. pre-Socratic before the time of Socrates
  13. power series the sum of terms containing successively higher integral powers of a variable
  14. cartographic of or relating to the making of maps or charts
  15. pictographic consisting of or characterized by the use of pictographs
  16. biogeographic of or relating to or involved with biogeography
  17. demographic a statistic characterizing human populations
  18. planographic of or relating to or involving planography
  19. press corps a group of journalists representing different publications who all cover the same topics
  20. bolographic of or relating to a bolograph