1. powder magazine a storehouse where weapons and ammunition are stored
  2. trade magazine a magazine published for and read by members of a particular trade group
  3. pulp magazine an inexpensive magazine printed on poor quality paper
  4. ptarmigan large Arctic and subarctic grouse with feathered feet and usually white winter plumage
  5. Primaxin trade name for a parenteral antibiotic
  6. water moccasin venomous semiaquatic snake of swamps in southern United States
  7. promethazine antihistamine used to treat allergies
  8. Petromyzon typical lampreys
  9. news magazine a magazine devoted to reports of current events
  10. primaquine synthetic antimalarial drug
  11. slick magazine a magazine printed on good quality paper
  12. Deuteromycotina large and heterogeneous form division of fungi comprising forms for which no sexually reproductive stage is known
  13. powderize become powder or dust
  14. hypodermic syringe a piston syringe that is fitted with a hypodermic needle for giving injections
  15. powder method a process for identifying minerals or crystals
  16. perphenazine tranquilizer and antidepressant (trade name Triavil) sometimes used as an antiemetic for adults
  17. suborder Myxinoidei hagfishes as distinguished from lampreys
  18. hydralazine an antihypertensive drug that dilates blood vessels
  19. powder technique a process for identifying minerals or crystals
  20. piperazine vermifuge used to treat infestations by roundworms or pinworms

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