1. potato disease a blight of potatoes
  2. Pott's disease TB of the spine with destruction of vertebrae resulting in curvature of the spine
  3. parrot disease infectious disease of birds
  4. blood disease a disease or disorder of the blood
  5. plant disease a disease that affects plants
  6. Paget's disease a disease of bone occurring in the middle aged and elderly
  7. hydatid disease infestation with larval echinococci (tapeworms)
  8. heart disease a disease of the heart
  9. Banti's disease a disease characterized by congestion and enlargement of the spleen; accompanied by anemia or cirrhosis
  10. antithesis exact opposite
  11. brain disease any disorder or disease of the brain
  12. Pick's disease a progressive form of presenile dementia found most often in middle-aged and elderly women and characterized by degeneration of the frontal and temporal lobes with loss of intellectual ability and transitory aphasia
  13. black disease a disease of the liver (especially in sheep and cattle) caused by liver flukes and their by-products
  14. potato mosaic a disease of the leaves of potato plants
  15. Bright's disease an inflammation of the kidney
  16. pink disease serious bark disease of many tropical crop trees
  17. wilt disease any plant disease characterized by drooping and shriveling
  18. hydatidosis infestation with larval echinococci (tapeworms)
  19. mad cow disease a fatal disease of cattle that affects the central nervous system; causes staggering and agitation
  20. potato tree South American shrub or small tree widely cultivated in the tropics; not a true potato