1. potassium bromide a white crystalline salt (KBr) used as a sedative and in photography
  2. potassium dichromate an orange-red salt used in making dyes and in photography
  3. potassium hydroxide a potassium compound often used in agriculture and industry
  4. potassium iodide a crystalline salt in organic synthesis and in making photographic emulsions and in iodized table salt
  5. potassium muriate salt of potassium
  6. potassium chloride salt of potassium
  7. potassium cyanide a poisonous salt used in electroplating and in photography
  8. potassium bicarbonate a crystalline salt (KHCO3) that is used in baking powder and as an antacid
  9. potassium bitartrate a salt used especially in baking powder
  10. potassium carbonate a white salt that is basic in solution
  11. potassium ferrocyanide a cyanide compound that is prepared by the reaction of potassium cyanide with ferrous salts; commonly used by gardeners
  12. ipratropium bromide an inhaled bronchodilator (trade name Atrovent)
  13. potassium permanganate a poisonous salt that forms dark purple crystals and is purple-red when dissolved in water; used as an oxidizing and bleaching agent and as a disinfectant and antiseptic
  14. potassium chlorate a white salt used in matches, fireworks, and explosives
  15. potassium nitrate (KNO3) used especially as a fertilizer and explosive
  16. potassium alum a white crystalline double sulfate of aluminum: the potassium double sulfate of aluminum
  17. potato tuber moth greyish-brown moth whose larva is the potato tuberworm
  18. methyl bromide a poisonous gas or liquid (CH3Br) used to fumigate rodents, worms, etc.
  19. potash muriate salt of potassium
  20. Batis maritima low-growing strong-smelling coastal shrub of warm parts of the New World having unisexual flowers in conelike spikes and thick succulent leaves

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