1. pot marjoram aromatic Eurasian perennial
  2. sweet marjoram aromatic European plant native to Mediterranean and Turkey
  3. hop marjoram dwarf aromatic shrub of Crete
  4. marjoram aromatic Eurasian perennial
  5. wild marjoram aromatic Eurasian perennial
  6. knotted marjoram aromatic European plant native to Mediterranean and Turkey
  7. hydrargyrum a heavy silvery toxic univalent and bivalent metallic element; the only metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures
  8. demerara rum dark rum from Guyana
  9. pot marigold the common European annual marigold
  10. Retama raetam desert shrub of Syria and Arabia having small white flowers
  11. storage room a room in which things are stored
  12. Chenopodium rubrum common Eurasian weed; naturalized in United States
  13. Potomac River a river in the east central United States
  14. bottom round cut from the round; suitable for pot roast
  15. steam room a room that can be filled with steam in which people bathe
  16. petty morel unarmed woody rhizomatous perennial plant distinguished from wild sarsaparilla by more aromatic roots and panicled umbels; southeastern North America to Mexico
  17. perjurer a person who deliberately gives false testimony
  18. boot maker a maker of boots
  19. bottom rot fungous disease of lettuce that first rots lower leaves and spreads upward
  20. bootmaker a maker of boots