1. surgical gown protective garment worn by surgeons during operations
  2. postcentral gyrus the convolution of parietal lobe that is bounded in front by the central sulcus
  3. storage locker a storage compartment for clothes and valuables
  4. postal clerk a clerk in a post office
  5. patrol car a car in which policemen cruise the streets
  6. postal card a card for sending messages by post without an envelope
  7. surgical knife a very sharp knife used in surgery
  8. postal code a code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail
  9. lethargic deficient in alertness or activity
  10. personal care care for someone who is disabled or is otherwise unable to care for themselves; can including bathing and cooking and managing bodily functions
  11. medical care professional treatment for illness or injury
  12. surgical seam a seam used in surgery
  13. nonsurgical not surgical
  14. pressure cooker autoclave for cooking at temperatures above the boiling point of water
  15. liturgical in accord with rites prescribed for public worship
  16. nostalgically in a nostalgic manner
  17. Lebistes reticulatus small freshwater fish of South America and the West Indies
  18. pathological relating to the study of diseases
  19. pedagogical relating to the study of teaching
  20. metallurgical engineer an engineer trained in the extraction and refining and alloying and fabrication of metals

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