1. passe-partout key that secures entrance everywhere
  2. prodigious great in size, force, extent, or degree
  3. Pieris protodice common North American form of cabbage butterfly
  4. mass-produced made in quantity and often by assembly-line techniques
  5. mass-produce produce on a large scale
  6. posse comitatus a temporary police force
  7. pericarditis inflammation of the pericardium
  8. passport a document allowing a citizen to travel abroad
  9. peace process any social process undertaken by governments who want their citizens to believe they are trying to avoid armed hostilities
  10. sprouted (of growing vegetation) having just emerged from the ground
  11. genus Priodontes solely the giant armadillo
  12. low-spiritedness a feeling of low spirits
  13. supported held up or having the weight borne especially from below
  14. dispiritedness a feeling of low spirits
  15. pancarditis inflammation of the entire heart
  16. bowsprit a spar projecting from the bow of a vessel
  17. low spirits a state of mild depression
  18. parotitis inflammation of one or both parotid glands
  19. mass production the production of large quantities of a standardized article
  20. purportedly allegedly but not definitely true