1. point out point out carefully and clearly
  2. poignant keenly distressing to the mind or feelings
  3. pantsuit a pair of pants and a matching jacket worn by women
  4. pantheist of or relating to pantheism
  5. point duty the control of traffic by a policeman stationed at an intersection
  6. pantywaist a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive
  7. pointillist of or relating to pointillism
  8. pants suit a pair of pants and a matching jacket worn by women
  9. bounteous given or giving freely
  10. pointy-toed having a pointed toe
  11. hindsight understanding the nature of an event after it has happened
  12. penitent feeling or expressing remorse for misdeeds
  13. bounce out bounce a ball so that it becomes an out
  14. pointed having a point
  15. pointing out indication by demonstration
  16. pintado large edible mackerel of temperate United States coastal Atlantic waters
  17. contest a struggle between rivals
  18. pint-sized well below average height
  19. Pontus an ancient region of northern Asia Minor on the Black Sea
  20. poinsettia tropical American plant having poisonous milk and showy tapering usually scarlet petallike leaves surrounding small yellow flowers