1. pocket calculator a calculator small enough to hold in the hand or carry in a pocket
  2. hand calculator a calculator small enough to hold in the hand or carry in a pocket
  3. ticket collector someone who is paid to admit only those who have purchased tickets
  4. calculator a small machine that is used for mathematical calculations
  5. articulate express or state clearly
  6. hypothetical creature a creature that has not been observed but is hypothesized to exist
  7. photocoagulator surgical instrument containing a laser for use in photocoagulation
  8. pocket lighter a lighter for cigars or cigarettes
  9. voltage regulator a transformer whose voltage ratio of transformation can be adjusted
  10. political theory an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation
  11. spectacular sensational in appearance or thrilling in effect
  12. recalculate calculate anew
  13. political commissar an official of the Communist Party who was assigned to teach party principles to a military unit
  14. Pinicola enucleator large grosbeak of coniferous forests of Old and New Worlds
  15. peculator someone who violates a trust by taking for his own use
  16. postulator someone who assumes or takes something for granted as the basis of an argument
  17. rent collector a person who goes from house to house collecting rents for the owner
  18. calculate make a mathematical computation
  19. pocket billiards any of various games played on a pool table having 6 pockets
  20. calculated carefully thought out in advance