1. saturated unable to dissolve still more of a substance
  2. frustrated disappointingly unsuccessful
  3. Physeteridae sperm whales
  4. desecrated treated with contempt
  5. physical therapist therapist who treats injury or dysfunction with exercises and other physical treatments of the disorder
  6. stouthearted possessing or displaying courage
  7. physical entity an entity that has physical existence
  8. desegrated rid of segregation; having had segregation ended
  9. castrated deprived of sexual capacity or sexual attributes
  10. fainthearted lacking conviction or boldness or courage
  11. dehydrated preserved by removing natural moisture
  12. physics department the academic department responsible for teaching and research in physics
  13. mistreated subjected to cruel treatment
  14. distorted so badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly
  15. softhearted easily moved to pity or sorrow
  16. federated united under a central government
  17. integrated formed or united into a whole
  18. faint-hearted lacking conviction or boldness or courage
  19. physical therapy therapy that uses physical agents: exercise and massage and other modalities
  20. asteriated (of some crystals especially gemstones) exhibiting asterism