1. physical body alternative names for the body of a human being
  2. physicality preoccupation with satisfaction of physical drives and appetites
  3. physical ability the ability to perform some physical act
  4. physically in accord with physical laws
  5. physical involving the body as distinguished from the mind or spirit
  6. physical object a tangible and visible entity
  7. sicklepod cosmopolitan tropical herb or subshrub with yellow flowers and slender curved pods; a weed; sometimes placed in genus Cassia
  8. physical entity an entity that has physical existence
  9. physical property any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions
  10. physicalness the quality of being physical; consisting of matter
  11. physicalism the philosophical theory that matter is the only reality
  12. physical value cost of reproducing physical property minus various allowances (especially depreciation)
  13. physiology the science dealing with the functioning of organisms
  14. vascularity the property being vascular
  15. musical mode any of various fixed orders of the various diatonic notes within an octave
  16. scalloped decorated with a margin or border of semicircles
  17. physics lab a laboratory for research in physics
  18. physics laboratory a laboratory for research in physics
  19. vesiculate cause to become vesicular or full of air cells
  20. physical topology the appearance of the network