1. petit mal epilepsy characterized by paroxysmal attacks of brief clouding of consciousness (and possibly other abnormalities)
  2. potato mold a blight of potatoes
  3. pot metal cast iron used for making cooking wares
  4. pathetically in a manner arousing sympathy and compassion
  5. optimal most desirable possible under a restriction
  6. potato mildew a blight of potatoes
  7. decimal a number in a system based on ten
  8. potato peel crisp fried potato peeling
  9. potato moth greyish-brown moth whose larva is the potato tuberworm
  10. petite very small
  11. dismal causing dejection
  12. dead mail mail that can neither be delivered nor returned
  13. primal having existed from the beginning
  14. podetium an organ or body resembling a stalk
  15. repetitively in a repetitive manner
  16. poetical of or relating to poetry
  17. blood meal the dried and powdered blood of animals
  18. perpetual continuing forever or indefinitely
  19. petal part of the perianth that is usually brightly colored
  20. pessimal of an organism's environment; least favorable for survival