1. pet food food prepared for animal pets
  2. pet-food food prepared for animal pets
  3. petfood food prepared for animal pets
  4. beatified Roman Catholic
  5. petaloid resembling a flower petal
  6. cat food food prepared for cats
  7. pedwood European deciduous shrub turning red in autumn having dull white flowers
  8. pettifog argue over insignificant things
  9. petard an explosive device used to break down a gate or wall
  10. petulant easily irritated or annoyed
  11. petalled (of flowers) having petals
  12. beefwood tree yielding hard heavy reddish wood
  13. hotfoot move fast
  14. spadefoot a burrowing toad of the northern hemisphere with a horny spade-like projection on each hind foot
  15. buy food purchase prepared food to be eaten at home
  16. bird food food given to birds; usually mixed seeds
  17. petaled (of flowers) having petals
  18. rabbit food an uncooked vegetable
  19. petitio the logical fallacy of assuming the conclusion in the premises; begging the question
  20. petticoat undergarment worn under a skirt