1. personage a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
  2. parsonage housing that a church provides for its clergy
  3. persona an image of oneself that one presents to the world
  4. personal concerning an individual or his or her private life
  5. personate pretend to be someone you are not
  6. personnel group of people willing to obey orders
  7. presence current existence
  8. personally by means of one's own action or presence
  9. personification attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas
  10. personify attribute human qualities to something
  11. person a human being
  12. personable pleasant in manner and appearance
  13. percentage a proportion in relation to a whole
  14. present happening or existing now
  15. personality the complex of attributes that characterize an individual
  16. personhood being a person
  17. persuade cause somebody to adopt a certain position or belief
  18. pursuance a search for an alternative that meets cognitive criteria
  19. pursuant in conformance to or agreement with
  20. parson someone authorized to conduct religious worship