1. prominent conspicuous in position or importance
  2. Republic of Singapore a country in southeastern Asia on the island of Singapore
  3. permanganic acid an unstable purple acid (HMnO4) known only in solution or of permanganate salts
  4. Armenian language the Indo-European language spoken predominantly in Armenia, but also in Azerbaijan
  5. Prunus nigra small tree native to northeastern North America having oblong orange-red fruit
  6. printing press a machine used for printing
  7. permanence property of being able to exist for an indefinite time
  8. permanent magnet a magnet that retains its magnetism after being removed from a magnetic field
  9. capital of Singapore the capital of Singapore; one of the world's biggest ports
  10. permanent press a fabric that has been chemically processed to resist wrinkles and hold its shape
  11. permanent-press used of fabrics that do not require ironing
  12. permanent injunction injunction issued on completion of a trial
  13. prominence the state of being widely known or eminent
  14. Doberman pinscher medium large breed of dog of German origin with a glossy black and tan coat; used as a watchdog
  15. permanent continuing or enduring without marked change in status
  16. Syrian bean caper perennial shrub of the eastern Mediterranean region and southwestern Asia having flowers whose buds are used as capers
  17. permanency the property of being able to exist for an indefinite duration
  18. premonition an early warning about a future event
  19. genus Zingiber tropical Asiatic and Polynesian perennial plants: ginger
  20. preeminence high status importance owing to marked superiority