1. porterage the transportation of burdens by porters
  2. prodromal symptomatic of the onset of an attack or a disease
  3. prodromic symptomatic of the onset of an attack or a disease
  4. partridge heavy-bodied small-winged South American game bird resembling a gallinaceous bird but related to the ratite birds
  5. peritrichous covered all over with uniformly distributed flagella
  6. perdurable very long lasting
  7. boardroom a room where a committee meets
  8. pterygium either of two thickened triangular layers of conjunctiva extending from the nasal edge of the eye to the cornea; it arises from irritation of the pinguecula
  9. pupet regime a government that is appointed by and whose affairs are directed by an outside authority that may impose hardships on those governed
  10. pretermit disregard intentionally or let pass
  11. Gerbera jamesonii widely cultivated South African perennial having flower heads with orange to flame-colored rays
  12. Proterochampsa early archosaurian carnivore
  13. protract lengthen in time; cause to be or last longer
  14. perturbed thrown into a state of agitated confusion
  15. Parietaria difussa herb that grows in crevices having long narrow leaves and small pink apetalous flowers
  16. partridge pea tropical American plant having leaflets somewhat sensitive to the touch; sometimes placed in genus Cassia
  17. Border collie developed in the area between Scotland and England usually having a black coat with white on the head and tip of tail used for herding both sheep and cattle
  18. proprietary protected by trademark or patent or copyright
  19. parathormone hormone synthesized and released into the blood stream by the parathyroid glands; regulates phosphorus and calcium in the body and functions in neuromuscular excitation and blood clotting
  20. Puerto Rican a native or resident of Puerto Rico