1. period an amount of time
  2. periodic happening or recurring at regular intervals
  3. produce bring forth or yield
  4. perilous fraught with danger
  5. perfidious tending to betray
  6. peridot a pale green variety of chrysolite; used as a gemstone
  7. Perutz English biochemist
  8. pervious admitting of passage or entrance
  9. reredos a painted or carved screen placed above and behind an altar or communion table
  10. periodicity the quality of recurring at regular intervals
  11. peripatus any of numerous velvety-skinned wormlike carnivorous animals common in tropical forests having characteristics of both arthropods and annelid worms
  12. persuade cause somebody to adopt a certain position or belief
  13. pertness quality of being lively and confident
  14. Barbados easternmost of the West Indies about 300 miles to the north of Venezuela
  15. peruse examine or consider with attention and in detail
  16. parodist mimics literary or musical style for comic effect
  17. perhaps by chance
  18. pertussis a disease of the respiratory mucous membrane
  19. Perdix a genus of Perdicinae
  20. Perdicidae Old World partridges