1. bulbous iris any of various irises having a rootstock formed like a bulb
  2. Pleurosorus small genus comprising terrestrial ferns
  3. Polyborus a genus of Falconidae
  4. prelapsarian of or relating to the time before the Fall of Adam and Eve
  5. Melampsoraceae rust fungi
  6. Belisarius Byzantine general under Justinian I
  7. Polyporaceae fungi that become corky or woody with age, often forming shelflike growths on trees
  8. Polyporus type genus of the Polyporaceae
  9. Blaberus giant cockroaches
  10. palpable capable of being perceived
  11. plesiosaurus extinct marine reptile with a small head on a long neck a short tail and four paddle-shaped limbs; of the Jurassic and Cretaceous
  12. pure absence an absence seizure without other complications
  13. bulbaceous producing or growing from bulbs
  14. Polycirrus genus of soft-bodied polychete marine worms
  15. self-absorbed absorbed in your own interests or thoughts etc
  16. Alepisaurus slender scaleless predaceous tropical deep-sea fishes
  17. Spizella passerina small North American finch common in urban areas
  18. pull up stakes remove oneself from an association with or participation in
  19. Perisoreus Canada jays
  20. pole position the most favorable position at the start of a race

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