1. peanut vine widely cultivated American plant cultivated in tropical and warm regions; showy yellow flowers on stalks that bend over to the soil so that seed pods ripen underground
  2. plaintiveness expressing sorrowfulness
  3. pensiveness deep serious thoughtfulness
  4. positiveness the quality of being undeniable and not worth arguing about
  5. pontifex a member of the highest council of priests in ancient Rome
  6. nativeness the quality of belonging to or being connected with a certain place or region by virtue of birth or origin
  7. pandanus any of various Old World tropical palmlike trees having huge prop roots and edible conelike fruits and leaves like pineapple leaves
  8. bountifulness the property of copious abundance
  9. peanuts an insignificant sum of money; a trifling amount
  10. diminutiveness the property of being very small in size
  11. endovenous within or by means of a vein
  12. Pennines a system of hills in Britain that extend from the Scottish border in the north to the Trent River in the south; forms the watershed for English rivers
  13. sensitiveness sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others)
  14. primitiveness a wild or unrefined state
  15. retentiveness the power of retaining liquid
  16. point of view a mental position from which things are perceived
  17. repetitiveness verboseness resulting from excessive repetitions
  18. picket fence a fence made of upright pickets
  19. inactiveness the state of being inactive
  20. pentavalent having a valence of five