1. peace of mind the absence of mental stress or anxiety
  2. piece of land an extended area of land
  3. peace offering something offered to an adversary in the hope of obtaining peace
  4. passive immunity an impermanent form of acquired immunity in which antibodies against a disease are acquired naturally (as through the placenta to an unborn child) or artificially (as by injection of antiserum)
  5. presence of mind self-control in a crisis
  6. pavement the paved surface of a thoroughfare
  7. base-forming yielding a base in aqueous solution
  8. piece of ground an extended area of land
  9. bereavement state of sorrow over the death or departure of a loved one
  10. basil mint perennial herb of the eastern United States having inconspicuous greenish flowers and narrow leaves that are very aromatic when bruised
  11. frame of mind a temporary psychological state
  12. state of mind a temporary psychological state
  13. bear in mind keep in mind
  14. Pacific newt any of several rough-skinned newts found in western North America
  15. change of mind a decision to reverse an earlier decision
  16. piece of music a musical work that has been created
  17. peacefulness a state that is calm and tranquil
  18. pacificist someone opposed to violence as a means of settling disputes
  19. preachment a sermon on a moral or religious topic
  20. battle of Minden a battle in the Seven Years' War (1759) in which the English forces and their allies defeated the French

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