1. parti pris an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence
  2. Parrotiopsis one species: deciduous tree of the Himalaya Mountains
  3. party boss a leader in a political party who controls votes and dictates appointments
  4. bride price money or property given (in some societies) by the bridegroom to the family of his bride
  5. porta hepatis opening for major blood vessels to enter and leave the liver
  6. particularise be specific about
  7. Port-au-Prince the capital and largest city of Haiti
  8. parotitis inflammation of one or both parotid glands
  9. particularize be specific about
  10. portable saw a circular saw that is portable and is operated with a hand grip
  11. particularism a focus on something particular
  12. parity bit (computer science) a bit that is used in an error detection procedure in which a 0 or 1 is added to each group of bits so that it will have either an odd number of 1's or an even number of 1's; e.g., if the parity is odd then any group of bits that arrives with an even number of 1's must contain an error
  13. party girl an attractive young woman hired to attend parties and entertain men
  14. party whip a legislator appointed by the party to enforce discipline
  15. pretty-pretty ostentatiously or inappropriately pretty
  16. protuberate cause to bulge out or project
  17. protuberance something that bulges out or projects from its surroundings
  18. particularised directed toward a specific object
  19. partaker someone who has or gives or receives a part or a share
  20. parterre an ornamental flower garden

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